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While working on optimizing Alligators, Dice & Doors I built a game simulator to test it and any changes I made to the rules or board. It will play through the game as a single player and record a heatmap of what squares were landed on during the game, show you each move made in a single game, and compile statistics across multiple games.

If you turn the speed slider all the way down and play just one game, you can watch each move as it is being made on the board and in the game console window. But the more interesting use is to run it at full speed for thousands of games. In this mode, you'll see the number of times a square was hit during the games in the bottom of each game square, and the graph window displays the number of moves total that it took to win each game. Alligators, Dice & Doors has a much lower likelyhood of morbid games (those taking hundreds of moves) than Chutes and Ladders or the original Snakes and Ladders games - far more suited to the attention span of my 4 year-old kids I designed it for.

"Alligators, Dice & Doors" board game simulation.

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